Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!

It’s been a busy couple weeks with Maya.  Last Monday, we visited the Spring Girls – Cassie & Chloe.  They were also adopted from China and are around the same age as Maya.  To say we had a fun day would be an understatement.  Maya loved being with funny, silly girls like herself.  As for me, I always enjoy picking Sherry’s mind for advice and feedback.  She has been a HUGE source of information and help for me with Maya’s adoption and transition to our home (THANKS Sherry!  You’re the best)!  Maya also had her first visit with Dr. Kim, her pediatrician.  All went well.  Maya wasn’t too happy about receiving some needed vaccines, but she got over it quickly.  Dr. Kim gave us orders to get some blood work and some “poop” samples (thanks Dr. Kim – it was such a pleasant experience)!  Maya has a small ear infection so she is now taking an antibiotic for it.  The visit to the lab was a little stressful for Maya.  The ladies were so sweet who work in there.  Unfortunately, they could not get blood to come out of Maya’s one arm so they had to switch to the other arm.  Yes – this meant TWO pokes and a bunch of tears.  Maya was happy to get a sucker afterward.  I was just happy to get out of there!  Maya has enjoyed all the visitors who come to see her.  The Gomez clan gave Maya a Panda Bear from Build-a-Bear.  She loves taking her panda on a walk throughout the house with her doll stroller.  Mary, Caroline & Mitchell brought over a purple “Pillow Pet” for her.  Not only does she love it, but also so does our dog, Lola!  Karin and Emma brought her a play cell phone & gift card to Build-a-Bear (that should be an interesting shopping trip).  She carried the phone around for 2 days and even slept with it.  And Mary Perri and Steven bought Maya the most kick butt Baby Gap outfit.  I think I like Maya’s clothes better than my own!  And thanks Mary for the wine – it’s much needed some evenings!  The Srock Clan came over the other night to hang out.  Maya loved stealing Mr. Srock’s cell phone and proceeded to call all his friends that evening (thanks for being a good sport Mr. Srock)!  Uncle Kevin & Aunt Donna came over and Maya fell asleep in her high chair in the middle of her dinner.  Yes – it’s been a revolving door in the Rose Household.  Maya has also figured out the Grandma Pat, Grandma Rose and Aunt Nan are “almost as good as” mom!  Everyday she amazes us with her language skills and silly antics.  She loves following Madeline and Will around.  To see her playing in the middle of a bunch of 9-year old boys cracks me up.  Maya loves hanging out in her big sister’s room and of course gets into Madeline’s stuff.  We’re seeing her get more & more comfortable each day with her new life.  She went to Ms. Wendy’s house this past Friday and got a singing stuffed puppy.  Wendy got a kick out of seeing Maya dance with it.  Maya also enjoyed mutilating every muffin Wendy made that morning (sorry Wendy – we love you)!  We can’t wait for Maya to meet more of our friends and family.  She will greet you with an enthusiastic “Hi!” then will proceed to give you the stare down for about 15 minutes.  Tomorrow we are going to meet with Maya’s surgeon for her cleft palate.  We’ll keep everyone posted with his conclusions.  I’m sure Maya will scream when he starts examining her but that will give him a good opportunity to look into her mouth, right?!  Please send good thoughts & prayers our way! 

Maya and Chloe!

Maya's favorite way to dress!
Maya and Dad

She finally sits in a high chair!

Madeline, William, and Maya in the snow...Maya did not enjoy it!

Maya and Cassie


 P.S. We would post more pictures, but Blogger is acting up. Sorry!!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

10 Things About Maya

Life has been busy in the Rose household.  Maya continues to entertain us and keep all of us on our toes every minute.  I forgot how busy a 2-year old can be!  I have been able to take her to the grocery store on my own.  She finally allows me to put her in the large section of the grocery cart.  As long as she’s surrounded by food, she’s happy!  I’ll never be able to do a huge shopping trip, but at this point, I’m happy to be able to run some quick errands with her.  I compiled a “Top 10 List” of things to know about Maya…

#10.     She loves to feed Lola her extra snacks.  And of course Lola has figured out that the best place in the house is to be right next to Maya.  It’s an avalanche of snacks some days!

#9        Bath time can actually be fun!  Maya has finally figured out that taking a bath isn’t so bad…especially when there are toys!

#8        Ugg boots rock!  Maya is so in love with her pink Ugg boots that she wears them to bed!  Thanks Aunt Missy for buying Maya her first pair!

#7        Mom doesn’t need to hold me 24/7.  FINALLY Maya is starting to play in the house on her own.  And thank you, will let mom walk out of the room without a complete meltdown. 

#6            McDonalds isn’t every kid’s favorite place to eat in America.  We’ve tried twice now to give Maya some McDonald’s fries, cheeseburger & chicken nuggets.  No go!  Trust us, we’re not complaining, and it probably won’t last forever, but not liking french fries?!  Are you kidding me?!

#5            Hardboiled eggs and Gerber Graduate meat sticks.  Maya can’t eat enough of this stuff.  Can I say it again?  No McDonald’s French fries?!

#4        Mom’s makeup is the best thing in the world to play with…and the hardest thing to scrub off of a little face!

#3            Infectious laugh and smile…That’s our Maya!  We can’t get enough of her!

#2        It’s pretty cool having a big sister and brother.  Who else can I play with, wrestle with, bug and run to when mom is not happy?! 

#1        Diva!  Yes, our Maya is a complete diva.  Watch out J. Lo and Beyonce!  There’s a new girl in town.  From clothes to makeup to crazy demands…Maya wants it all!